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B2B Intent Data

Go-to-market teams are constantly seeking new tools and strategies to gain a competitive edge. Utilizing intent data that provides insight into their interests, needs, and purchase intentions can help GTM teams quickly and efficiently improve lead qualification, personalize marketing campaigns, optimize sales strategies, and facilitate data-driven decision-making to better target, engage, and convert potential customers.
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Power Your GTM Motion With Lead Intelligence

Intent data reveals the real-time interests, preferences, and behaviors of potential customers. Intent data uses intent topics and account’s digital behavior, such as website visits, keywords, and content engagement to provide a comprehensive view of prospects who may be searching for your product or solution. This granular level of insight allows go-to-market teams to discern when a potential buyer is actively exploring solutions, reducing time and resources spent on finding qualified accounts. 

RocketReach and Foundry

RocketReach is partnering with Foundry, a leading intent data provider, to deliver intent data within the RocketReach platform. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Foundry’s intent data identifies companies that share your ICP. 

Most vendor research takes place before prospects land on your website. RocketReach with Foundry identifies surges in intent way before a prospect fills out a form on your site. This intent data identifies accounts using keyword topics that reflect the intent of your ICP, such as product areas and company names.

Coverage and Scale

Find and convert the best leads, even in complex enterprise accounts with Foundry’s account-level data.
Intent Topics
Global Markets
Weekly Signals
Refreshed Weekly

Foundry’s intent data enables your marketing and sales teams to understand accounts and leads. Multi-source data includes:

Foundry’s proprietary data co-op
Public digital signals
…and more!
Activating Intent Data: Common Use Cases

Optimize Your GTM Strategy with Intent Data

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  • Identify in-market buyers at the company level
  • Engage leads with targeted messaging at every stage
  • Accelerate pipeline with data you can trust
  • Create effective account-based marketing campaigns
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