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Searching for specialized skill sets or high-demand senior candidates. Learn how Talent Acquisition teams break through the noise with RocketReach.
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What do I like best? The ease of use via Chrome Extension and the Color Coding probabilities of verified emails/phones.

Ruth S.
Executive Senior Recruiter

Overview: Securing Qualified Talent

Securing skilled employees is more challenging and complex than ever before. With an insufficient supply of qualified applicants and 4.5 million workers (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) quitting their jobs each month, it’s an uphill battle for HR and talent teams to identify and contact top-tier talent before other recruiters swoop up what is left of qualified candidates.

HR professionals need to find better solutions to contact the best candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible. An extensive recruiting contact database with real-time verified leads will help companies find the right people with the right qualifications, even in an ever-evolving workforce.

Challenge: Getting Your Job Posting in Front of Applicants

A shortage of high-quality applicants has left HR teams grappling with recruitment efforts.  Recruitment teams that were already struggling to find the best fit for their open roles and company culture are now facing a myriad of new obstacles. Finding qualified applicants isn’t as simple as posting on job boards. More employment opportunities mean fewer job postings are being seen. Without a streamlined approach, HR departments can waste both time and money.

Forward-thinking HR professionals need to take a different approach to ensure they are connecting with as many quality candidates as possible that will be a good fit for the role and the company’s culture.   

Solution: Increasing Response Rates by Over 20%

RocketReach’s robust contact database allows HR teams to instantly identify and reach out to the best candidates. Featuring real-time, verified data for over 700 million professionals worldwide, recruitment teams can contact candidates directly via AI-validated phone numbers, personal emails, and social profiles. This allows them to get in front of applicants who wouldn’t have otherwise seen their job postings.

RocketReach is also much more effective and affordable than sourcing on LinkedIn. While the average LinkedIn response rate is about 18%, hiring teams and HR departments can more than double their results with personal emails, which have a response rate of 40%.

With its advanced capabilities, RocketReach saves recruiters both time and money by:

  • Refining candidate searches with over 100 filters, including years of experience specific skills
  • Get full contact information for an existing list or quickly create new lists based on your criteria
  • Company views which help them target candidates from specific companies
  • Organizing contacts into fully customizable lists that can be integrated with existing CRMs or ATSs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier

Results: Hiring Candidates with the Best Hard and Soft Skills

RocketReach enables HR professionals to overcome the hurdles of the modern workforce. Recruitment teams can swiftly identify the best applicants with advanced search filters, get more eyes on their job postings with customizable email templates, and quickly fill open roles by contacting verified, qualified candidates. This streamlines recruitment processes, improves bottom lines, and optimizes ROI while ensuring candidates applying for your open roles have the hard and soft skills needed to be successful within your organization.


Daversa Increased Efficiency by 20% with RocketReach

Daversa Partners, Technology’s go-to specialty search firm, was faced with the challenge of needing reliable data to execute their day to day. Read how Daversa Partners utilized RocketReach to source accurate and reliable contact information and data points.

What Our Customers Say About Us

As someone who is always looking to increase efficiency, we decided to give RocketReach a test run in direct comparison to other solutions in market. Our team, including myself, immediately saw the value in the form of quicker results with higher accuracy. Adopting RocketReach as an Enterprise wide solution was a no-brainer
for us.

Jonathan Krodel
Director, Systems & Tools @ Daversa Partners
RocketReach’s search function is awesome!

What is really helpful is the “like” profiles which show similarly skilled candidates. I also like the company function which help you target candidates from specific companies.

David O.
Technical Recruiter
A smooth, fast Interface

A smooth, fast Interface allows for ease of finding Companies, People, and their Contact Information. Rocket Reach is a recruiter’s dream come true! With powerful research tools like Rocket Reach’s massive database and Outreach’s targeted marketing capabilities, a solo practitioner can now do in an hour what took multiple people weeks to do not too long ago.

Ray Holley
Owner @ Ray Holley Group
Trusted by over 16M million users and 95% of the S&P Fortune 500