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Create Targeted Sales Prospecting Strategies

Save time, target the right contacts and personalize your outreach. With RocketReach, Sales teams increase efficiency and have higher response rates for their prospecting efforts.
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Get personalized and accurate outreach with RocketReach

The folks at RocketReach have been amazing anytime I’ve had to reach out which is really a breath of fresh air these days.

Anne T.
VP Corporate Sales @Velocity Tech Solutions

Overview: Implementing an Effective Sales Strategy

The field of sales continues to radically change. Salespeople are confronted with new and emerging challenges every day. From gaining interest and landing meetings with key decision-makers to retaining business in the face of uncertainty, it’s vital; sales teams find new ways to meet their quotas and drive pipeline.

To effectively overcome these challenges, sales must find more efficient ways to reach qualified prospects without wasting resources with sales sequences and outreach strategies based on the “shotgun approach.”

Challenge: Struggling with Inaccurate Contact Data

Due to the new normal, virtual workplaces are ever-existent. Zoom meetings have taken the place of face-to-face interactions. Many sales teams have—and continue to have—challenges building relationships and connecting with important decision-makers in this virtual sales landscape. The ability to get in front of these prospects only continues to get more complex, as many of them are bombarded with cold outreach that doesn’t bring solutions to their pain points. Meaning the more outreach they receive that doesn’t bring value to them, the less likely they are to engage with cold outreach that offers real solutions.

In addition, there has been a shift to a remote sales model. Sales representatives that are used to having regular in-person meetings with leads, as well as each other, can struggle with coherence and efficiency.

Learning how to operate together remotely while remaining productive in times of uncertainty can interfere with achieving sales quotas and generating new business. This problem is only fueled when sales teams struggle with inaccurate data across complicated systems.

Solution: Connecting with the Right Prospects

With RocketReach, sales teams have real-time, verified data for over 700 million professionals and over 35 million companies at their fingertips. SDRs can identify and engage with qualified leads using accurate, up-to-date phone numbers, emails, and social media links. They can also gain valuable insight into organizational data and statistics, including org charts and technographics. This allows them to find the leads that need their products or services the most.

RocketReach’s contact data is verified by artificial intelligence in real-time, resulting in 85% accuracy rates.  Thanks to its ease of use and intuitive interface, salespeople can start using RocketReach immediately. They can also easily collaborate with each other while using the program, even in remote environments. This saves sales teams time and money.

Results: Elevating Sales Efforts and Closing More Deals

With RocketReach, sales teams can effectively overcome the unique challenges that currently face them in the sales arena. They can improve accuracy, boost efficiency, and drive pipeline by instantly connecting with valuable leads. Additionally, RocketReach’s user-friendly platform and real-time, verified data allow salespeople to stay productive and easily collaborate with their peers, even in virtual settings.

Sales teams that use RocketReach can prospect and connect with leads at scale, improve ROI, and close more deals quickly by reaching the right prospects at the right time with the right message.

Notre Dame IDEA Center’s Boosted Customer Discovery By 50% with RocketReach

The University of Notre Dame IDEA Center provides resources for startup development, business formation, and entrepreneurial education to bring innovative ideas to market. Discover how they used RocketReach to prospect and boosted customer discovery by 50%

What Our Customers Say About Us

Looking for contacts has never been easier and more helpful than with RocketReach

It is just so user-friendly, easy and a well-put-together platform. If there are any issues, the service center people are so helpful it
makes it a dream to use.

Joanne P.
Global Sales & Creative Director
Rocket Reach is very easy to navigate.

I like that they’ll tell you their confidence level in various email addresses they produce, and you can take it from there. Certainly better than competitive sites I’ve used.

Jay R.
Great for building a list of leads.

RocketReach not only connected me to prospective individuals but allowed me to streamline my search approach on the basis of location, skill set, and keyword.

Brian Ray
Sales Manager @ Google
Trusted by over 16 million users and 95% of the S&P Fortune 500