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Millions of B2B Sales, Marketing and Recruiting professionals use RocketReach everyday, to access 400 million profiles across 20 Million companies, worldwide. Prospect, connect and converse with your leads, at scale.


Your application can automate lead generation, contact discovery, profile enrichment and company search when you Dock your REST payloads with the RocketReach API.

Enrich your leads list at light-speed. Upload a spreadsheet with contacts, prospects, or leads and RocketReach will fill in the blanks. We'll scan for up-to-date emails, phones, titles, work history and beam them back. RocketReach even works seamlessly with Google Sheets so you never have to change course.

Live long and prospect! Launch RocketReach from any website. Quickly discover contacts and leads inside Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and Linkedln, then organize and export your prospects. Our Chrome Extension also gives you valuable insights as you explore the web by reporting revenue, size, top prospects and much more for over 20 million websites.

Initiate first contact with over 250 million professional contacts using OutReach. Check the status of your first probe, automate follow ups, and track the performance of your email campaigns within RocketReach.


Power up your marketing and get people to pay attention to your business, pursuit, or clients. Find prospects, develop your lists, and track your marketing campaigns without even having to leave the RocketReach suite. Find the most crucial people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features and then immediately take action, leaving your competition in the dust.


Empower your sales teams to reach the right decisions makers directly, using the most accurate and up-to-date emails, phone numbers and social media links. Search and discover companies that match the right target criteria. With RocketReach,you’ll find the right customers while gaining key insights into current company data and statistics. Then with your lookups you and your team can easily start engaging with customized outreach campaigns and more.


Find the best candidates quicker than your competitors. With our advanced search, you and your team can quickly nail down the strongest prospects and ensure that your going to find the best fit. Reach out directly with real-time validated email and phone numbers, and taking it to the next step by creating personal and reusable email templates that integrate with your existing email provider. Organize your contacts with fully customizable lists and integrate with your existing CRM or ATS for seamless workflow.Learn about your hirees behavior and see who’s opened, clicked, and replied to these emails all within the RocketReach platform included in every plan. Our data is constantly growing, always providing you with the freshest and most up-to-date leads.

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The #1 question we get asked about RocketReach is “how is it different from all the other email finders” out there. The key differences are:

We’re More Accurate. At RocketReach, Accuracy in our data is crucial, and our results show. Our competitors produce accurate results on average only about 30% of the time, where our advanced search produces results that provide an 85% accuracy rate, and we’re constantly working to improve it.
We’re More Complete. We work hard to provide you more than just predicted ‘work emails’. Our competitors often only provide ‘professional emails’, but we do this better and validate our predictions in real-time. On top of that we take everything we can find on the web to provide personal emails, phone numbers, social links, and more. We go above and beyond to give the most complete profile we can possibly craft, in order to get you ahead of the competition.
We’re More Intelligent. We work hard to provide you more than just predicted ‘work emails’. Often our competitors don’t even validate these emails as a bundled service, wasting your time and money on emails that bounce. Our competitors often only provide ‘professional emails’, but we do this better--We use AI to search, predict, score and verify. On top of that, we find personal emails, phone numbers, social links, and more to give you a more complete profile and getting you ahead of the competition all with real-time validation.
We’re More Exhaustive. We have 1.8 billion profiles and we’re working hard to get that number constantly growing. We scale over 1.8 billion profiles at run-time and have more sources of data than any of our competitors including web pages, APIs, and custom solutions. Not only do we keep our data up to date with real-time validation and constant updates, we also do this process more exhaustively in order to make sure all of our profiles are the most complete and to date for our users.

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