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All Plans Include

24/7 Support

Live chat or email

CRM & ATS Support

Sync Contacts to Salesforce & 100s more

Export To CSV

Export your contacts to CSV

Bulk Lookups

Upload your spreadsheet

Full API Access

Create your free API key.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to signup?

A credit card is the easiest way to sign up for our plans. We also accept PayPal.

Why is my credit card is being declined?

Our payment processor is probably unable to verify your payment details. If declines persist, try PayPal or contact us via chat or email

Do I cancel my subscription when I want? Will I keep my lookups if I cancel?

Yes, please note that since you prepay for a year or month, cancellation takes effect the following term. You retain access to your plan features for the full 1 year or 1 month term.

Do you have plans larger than Gold? How about teams?

Yes, we can support plans and teams of any size. Please email us at

What happens if you aren't able to find email for a contacts?

In the event that we are unable to find and verify email for a contact, you will not be charged a lookup.

What happens if I run out of lookups?

You are allowed to exceed your allocated lookups if 'Additional Lookups' are enabled. Additional Lookups are billed to your account at the end of the month.

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