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Boosted Customer Discovery By 50%

The University of Notre Dame IDEA Center provides resources for startup development, business formation, and entrepreneurial education to bring innovative ideas to market. Discover how they boosted customer discovery by 50% with RocketReach
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process steps vs several
interviews over 5 years
After evaluating other platforms more than four years ago, we chose RocketReach and continue to find it useful. If you’re trying to make the easiest entry point into an actual customer discovery program. This is the number one tool for that.
Benjamin Hoggan
Director of De-risking and Venture Acceleration


Without guidance and support from organizations like the Notre Dame IDEA Center, many startups can struggle to find investors and customers to get their business off the ground. To successfully transition from seed to Series C funding, startups must find the right prospecting tools to reach the right people cost-effectively.

An organization’s cold email outreach strategy is only as effective as its contact data. For Notre Dame, classification accuracy was pivotal in its outreach efforts. The university needed to categorize its data according to relevant attributes to maximize outreach results to investors and customers across numerous industries.


Notre Dame regularly conducts outreach efforts to expand its pool of potential donors and investors, as it relies on the generosity of investors, the board of directors, and customers to fund its initiatives of helping students transform their ideas into lucrative businesses. However, the university faced significant challenges regarding its prospecting strategies, including contact data accuracy and comprehensiveness.

The institution also aimed to conduct over 10,000 customer interviews in just five years. However, Notre Dame struggled to find a prospecting software provider that could do both while offering a pricing model that aligned with its unique requirements.


Luckily, RocketReach’s advanced prospecting and lead-generation tool gave Notre Dame the resources it needed to accelerate customer discovery by 40% to 50%, while being intuitive and user-friendly. This was incredibly beneficial to the IDEA Center’s predominantly student-based team, as most of them didn’t have any former experience using such software.

RocketReach’s pioneering prospecting tool for startups is as comprehensive as it is accurate. Users can unlock AI-verified contact data for over 700 million people across 35 million companies worldwide. Additionally, with our Advanced Search tools, users can effortlessly narrow their searches by location, industry, and other essential details, assemble contact lists, and deploy hyper-segmented campaigns.

The university saw immediate success after using RocketReach; increasing its contacts for customer discovery by 40% to 50% more than any other platform it used in the past. Using the Advanced Search email and phone number lookup tool, Notre Dame quickly found alumni across various industries and positions for market research, board membership, and investor requests. This accelerated the response rate for customer discovery emails and significantly lowed rejections.

From the first consultation to implementation, Notre Dame received stellar support from RocketReach, including a bespoke pricing plan that best reflected its specific needs and dynamic team of student analysts.


Armed with much more efficient, comprehensive, and accurate prospecting technology, Notre Dame exceeded its original goal and conducted 10,000 customer interviews per year. RocketReach’s advanced capabilities also streamlined the university’s discovery process from multiple to just two activities.

Trusted by 16 million users and 95% of the S&P 500, RocketReach is the ideal solution for startups wanting to optimize their outreach efforts. Search from over 700 million AI-verified contact profiles, quickly narrow your searches, effortlessly integrate our software with your existing tech stack, perform bulk lookups, leverage the Chrome extension to add contact info from LinkedIn or Crunchbase, and enjoy an easy pay-as-you-go model built to scale with you.

About University of Notre Dame IDEA Center

Industry: Higher Education/Entrepreneurship
Location: South Bend, IN, USA
The IDEA Center provides the necessary space, services and expertise for idea development, commercialization, business formation, prototyping, entrepreneurial education and student entrepreneurial efforts. It is designed to bring the best Notre Dame faculty, staff and student ideas and innovations to market.