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Daversa Partners Increased Efficiency by 20%

Daversa Partners, a technology’s go-to specialty search firm was faced with the challenge of needing reliable data to execute their day to day. Daversa Partners utilized RocketReach to increase efficiency and better recruit top talent.
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increase in workforce efficiency
increase in data accuracy
increase in usage
We decided to give RocketReach a test run in direct comparison to other solutions in the market. Our team immediately saw the value in the form of quicker results with higher accuracy. Adopting RocketReach as an Enterprise wide solution was a no-brainer for us.
Jonathan Krodel
Director, Systems & Tools


Daversa Partners is Technology’s go-to specialty search firm that builds the executive leadership teams for growth stage and venture-backed companies. With a global footprint, data analysis and innovative tech remains at the forefront of Daversa’s day to day.  Accurate and reliable contact information is critical for their outreach and gathering information across multiple sources was time-consuming and lacked the precision necessary to target the right candidates efficiently.  In their quest to improve their recruitment process, Daversa Partners turned to RocketReach. 


Finding the right executive talent for growth stage and venture-backed companies isn’t easy.  The competitive executive landscape demands a proactive approach to identify and engage with potential candidates swiftly.  Daversa Partners needs accurate and reliable contact information and easy to use solutions for their global team.


RocketReach offered a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to address Daversa’s needs:

  • Accuracy: The vast database of contact information was an invaluable resource that allowed Yeshiva University to reach out to their intended recipients with ease and precision.  Delivered a consistent 98-99+% email accuracy rate on sourced contact information with an 85% minimum.
  • Comprehensiveness: Proprietary and complete mix of data sources include web pages, artificial intelligence, and custom solutions that provide an aggregate profile with real-time validation techniques. Improved data accuracy rates by 20%-30%, on average, while still delivering complete profiles validated in real-time.
  • Scale & efficiency: Browser extension seamlessly follows recruiters on business profiles and company websites where information is sourced instantly; without opening RocketReach. Increased workforce efficiency by 20% with a work smarter & streamlined approach offered by accessible browser extension.
  • Custom support: Custom onboarding plan built jointly by RocketReach & Daversa which included staged rollout and in-depth training, as well as a recording library for future hires. More than doubled monthly lookups resulting in a 200% increase in adoption & usage.


The integration of RocketReach into Daversa Partners’ talent acquisition process yielded remarkable results:

  • 20% workforce efficiency
  • 30% increase in data accuracy 
  • 200% increase in usage

With RocketReach’s extensive database, advanced search filters, easy to use browser extension, and customized support, Daversa Partners increased efficiency and enhanced candidate engagement.  Enabling Daversa Partners to focus on understanding their customers’ businesses and finding the right talent to fuel their growth.

About Daversa

Industry: Executive Recruiting
Location: NY, NY
Daversa Partners is a specialty firm that builds the executive teams for growth stage and venture backed companies. The firm’s global footprint and expansive network allow its high-performance team’s visibility into the entirety of the market to build relationships with candidates in all functions, across all verticals and industries.