Discover How RocketReach’s Contact Database is a Lead Generation Powerhouse

Overview: Generating Qualified Leads to Fill the Pipeline

Generating Qualified Leads to Fill the Pipeline

The way consumers research information, engage with brands, and even purchase products and services has transformed. In tandem, more and more companies have shifted from the “traditional” in-office 9 to 5 workplace to hybrid and remote working models.


As such, marketers need to be even more creative and proactive in their strategic approaches. Marketing departments have had to change not only the way they attract and retain customers; but how they allocate their budget. Low-cost, high-impact marketing resources have become paramount.

In order to achieve their goals while saving money and resources, marketers must use advanced prospecting tools to reach the consumers most likely to buy. A comprehensive contact database with real-time, verified information enables marketers to effortlessly connect with key decision-makers to spur sales and drive ROI, all while saving time and money.

Challenge: Finding the Right Prospects to Target and Nurture

For marketers, one of the greatest challenges when it comes to account-based marketing and drip campaigns is finding the right prospects to send them to. Many marketing departments take a passive approach—creating gated content that requires a lead to seek out the information first.

However, many competitors are doing the same, producing content that ranks just as well when it comes to organic efforts.

On the other hand, sifting through massive piles of contact data to find up-to-date and relevant information to proactively send lead generation content can take hours—even days—to complete. This is especially true for marketing teams that are working remotely and cannot communicate in a timely fashion. Worse yet, if these contacts are old, outdated or junky, all efforts were made in vain. This eats away at a marketing team’s precious—and scarce—resources.

Finding the Right Prospects to Target and Nurture

Savvy marketers need to find an effective solution to target qualified prospects while streamlining their lead generation processes. Without an accurate and up-to-date contact database that offers hyper-focused search capabilities, marketers will see negative impacts on campaign results, as well as their bottom lines.

Solution: Utilizing an Accurate Contact Database – Generating SQLs

RocketReach’s robust contact database allows marketers to improve efficiency by having access to real-time verified data for 700+ million professionals across 35+ million companies worldwide. Marketers can tap into hundreds of millions of AI-verified phone numbers, emails, and social media links, as well as enterprise information, org charts, and technographics.


With over 100 advanced search filters, marketers can drill down into minute detail to find the leads most likely to take action. Additional features include:

  • Bulk look-ups
  • Desktop Chrome extension
  • Seamless integration into existing tech stacks, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier


Due to its ease of use, RocketReach requires minimal training. This allows marketers to spend more time on creating campaigns that yield lucrative results and less time learning to use new software.

Utilizing an Accurate Contact DatabaseResults: Saving Time and Money while Increasing ROI

Marketers who use RocketReach to find qualified prospects can save time and improve their bottom line. They have access to the world’s largest and most accurate database of AI-verified contact information in real-time.


As a result, marketers can instantly reach and engage decision-makers who are already looking for and interested in buying their products or services. Gone are the days of wasting time digging through bad data and spending money on campaigns that will never reach the right audiences.


With RocketReach, markets can develop and deploy effective campaigns that engage quality prospects, all while saving time and money.