Lighting Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lighting fixtures and equipment, electric and nonelectric, not elsewhere classified, including flashlights and similar portable lamps, searchlights, ultraviolet lamp fixtures, and infrared lamp fixtures. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric light bulbs, tubes, and related light sources are classified in Industry 3641; those producing glassware for lighting fixtures are classified in Major Group 32; and those manufacturing traffic signals are classified in Industry 3669.


Transportation - General

Anthony Inc

Glass & Concrete

SNA Displays

Electronics & Electronics Manufacturing

Everlight Electronics

Semiconductor & Semiconductor Equipment

Midstream Lighting

Electronics & Electronics Manufacturing

Phoenix Lighting - Ports and Terminals

Electronics & Electronics Manufacturing

Fluence Bioengineering


FLEx Lighting LLC

Consumer Electronics

Anthony, Inc.

Glass & Concrete

Electric Mirror™

Leisure & Hospitality - General

Night Light Inc

Consumer Services - General

Cyalume Technologies Holdings Inc

Industrial Machinery Equipment & Automation

Cyalume Technologies

Chemical Products