RocketReach Subscription Agreement

By subscribing to RocketReach’s paid, premium Services, you must review and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as the terms specific to paid subscriptions included herein.

Payment and Renewal

Starting a Subscription Term. By subscribing to a Subscription Service, you agree to pay RocketReach monthly or annual subscription fees ("Subscription Term") in exchange for the RocketReach services. Applicable fees will be invoiced and paid in advance for the period starting on the day you subscribe to the end of your term. RocketReach reserves the right to change the payment terms and fees upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to you, which will be made to the email address provided by you and maintained under your account. RocketReach accounts can be canceled by you at anytime with 30 days written notice to RocketReach taking effect the following term.

Subscription Fees

The Subscription Fees are owed at the beginning of every billing cycle and are not refundable once paid. The Subscription Fee will remain fixed during the Subscription Term unless you (i) exceed your plan’s allocated monthly cap (ex. enabling Additional Lookups), (ii) change products or base packages, or (iii) subscribe to additional features or products. When a price change applies to you, we will charge or invoice you under the new price structure, starting with the next Billing Period in the Subscription Term, except as provided below under “Fee Adjustments During a Billing Period.”. In order to avoid additional charges, you should purchase the appropriate tier of Subscription Service for your anticipated needs.

Renewal Subscription Term.

Unless one of us gives the other written notice that it does not intend to renew the subscription, this Agreement will automatically renew the Subscription Term. Written notice of non-renewal must be sent no more than ninety (90) days but no less than thirty (30) days in advance of the end of the Subscription Term. The Renewal Subscription Term shall be: (i) on the then-current terms and conditions of this Agreement, and (ii) subject to the renewal pricing provided for in your Order Form or, if not specified in the Order Form, on our standard pricing available Should you decide not to renew, you may cancel from your account page or send the notice of non-renewal by email to

End of Subscription Term

The Subscription Term will end on the expiration date and cannot be canceled before its expiration.

Fees During a Billing Period

The Subscription Fee will increase during a Billing Period if you change products or subscribe to additional features for use during the Billing Period. You also will be charged for additional credits used beyond your subscription's allotment.

Payment by credit card

If you are paying by credit card, you authorize us to charge your credit card or bank account for all fees payable at the beginning of the Subscription Term and all subsequent Billing Periods, including upgrades. You further authorize us to use a third party (Braintree, Stripe or PayPal) to process payments, and consent to the disclosure of your payment information to such third party.

Payment Information

You will keep your contact information, billing information and credit card information (where applicable) up to date. Changes may be made on your Billing Page within your RocketReach portal. All payment obligations are non-cancelable and all amounts paid are non-refundable, except as specifically provided for in this Agreement. All fees are due and payable in advance throughout the Subscription Term.

Sales Tax

All stated fees are exclusive of taxes, which we will charge as applicable. You agree to pay any taxes applicable to your use of the Subscription Service. You shall have no liability for any taxes based upon our gross revenues or net income. If you are located in the European Union, all fees are exclusive of any VAT and you represent that you are registered for VAT purposes in your member state. At our request, you will provide us with the VAT registration number under which you are registered in your member state.