Working in sales is not easy. You need to be tough, determined, and charismatic.

For women in sales, it can be even more challenging.

Sales is still a predominantly male-dominated industry. While it’s changing and we are making progress, there is a long way to go before women, especially women of color, have as much of a presence at the sales table as men.

However, success is possible despite the challenges. RocketReach along with SalesHacker gathered four female sales leaders to impart the wisdom they’ve gained over their sales careers to others who are up and coming in their sales journeys.

These women share stories of corporate difficulties, practical ways to find your voice in the industry, and things they wished they knew when starting in sales.

Listen to these powerful women in sales who are turning the “boys club” into a more inclusive industry:

  • Jill Bruno – Sales Development Manager, RocketReach
  • Heidi Solomon-Orlick – Founder & CEO, GirlzWhoSell and SVP & BizDev, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  • Cherilynn Castleman – Managing Partner, CGI Executive Coaching
  • Mary Browning – Sales Manager, 15Five
  • Shawanda Roberts – Global VP of Sales & Marketing Activation, Frost & Sullivan

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Breaking Through to the Top: Lessons to be Learned from Four Women Leaders, now.