💪 Adaptability creates better sales closing techniques. 💪

Sometimes, the best thing a salesperson can hear is “No.” 

Essentially, failing can be one of the most positive experiences. But in order for sales teams to have better sales calls and an even better sales strategy, each rep needs one vital characteristic.


Resilience in sales and having a resilient mindset keeps reps from letting those ever-present “no”s turn into missed opportunities. 

But how do you build resilience in sales teams, especially against this new wave of customers? 

🙌 Enhance your ICPs.

🙌 Develop a customer needs statement.

🙌 Find personalized solutions.

🙌 Support and trust your reps.

🙌 Conduct one-on-one review.

🙌 Develop a pro-practice mindset.

🙌 Set SMART goals.

🙌 Embrace the “no.”

Delve into A+ outreach and sales strategies that take into consideration this new breed of customer and how to effectively manage your team’s confidence and sales success.