It’s time to become a “Badass” Sales Boss 💻 💋

When a man takes the reins, he’s a leader. When a woman takes charge, she’s dubbed a bossy b*tch. Well, we’re about to bite back.

This webinar is a must-see for women in sales who want to harness their inner bad-ass b*tch and take control of their careers.

Gone are the days of salespeople being fast-talking men in flashy suits. Women can be just as powerful. The modern sales department is no longer a good ole boys club.

Whether you’re a working mom juggling Zoom meetings and your kid’s online learning schedule or a recent grad trying to find her professional foothold in sales, this women-focused webinar is for you.

We’re here to tell you: Don’t just break the glass ceiling in sales. Smash the hell out of It.

Uncover the ways you can find sustainable success in an industry historically dominated by men.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned by being a woman in sales
  • How to stay motivated and focused on your goals
  • Helpful tips to boost your confidence, conquer your fear of failure, and crush your quotas
  • Best practices for staying grounded in a sales position